I want to talk to one of my friends




but I don’t want to ruin their good mood

Can you wait a discreet time?

But if they really are your friend and care about you your issues will not ruin their good time because you matter as much as whatever cheered them does.

im not thinking of anyone specific, i just want to talk to someone i consider a friend. anyone really. i just get really nervous because i can be a bit depressing. 

If you truly need to reach out then I think you should.

Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to figure some stuff out. Thinking about those two important things I keep putting off. Speculating on long term happiness. Categorizing responsibilities. Speculating on events to transpire next week, and things which will not transpire but I would like. Taking stock of what I have and juxtaposing it with what I need. Judging what I am capable of. Guarding against always making the same mistakes.